people who don’t think stannis is the true king of westeros



Spoiler alert: adulthood is 96% of you going “well, I hope this is how it works and I’ll keep doing it till someone yells at me”

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@Luke5SOS: I feel bad for the people without iPhones because they don’t understand the greatness that is emoji.

» IS Sold Yezidi Women for $1,000, Hundreds Given to Fighters as War Trophy


ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Islamic State (IS/ISIS) militants in Iraq have sold or handed out hundreds of Yezidi women captured as war trophy to fighters in Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said.

The British-based Observatory said it had documented evidence that 27 of the captured Yezdi girls had been “sold and married” to fighters in Aleppo, Raqqa and Al-Hassakah. It said the girls were sold for $1,000 each.

In addition, “in recent weeks, some 300 women and girls of the Yezidi faith who were abducted in Iraq have been distributed as spoils of war to fighters from the Islamic State,” SOHR said in a statement.

The Islamic State, which has been fighting in Syria for more than three years, had captured about a third of Iraqi territory since June, declaring a Caliphate in seized lands.

Iraq’s non-Muslim minorities, like the Christians and Yezidis, have been especially targeted by the IS armies. Because of their faith, the Yezidis are considered “unbelievers” by the militants, many of them killed and captured, their properties looted and their young women taken as war booty.

Heiner Bielefedt, the UN’s special monitor on religious freedoms, warned last month: “We have reports of women being executed and unverified reports that strongly suggest that hundreds of women and children have been kidnapped - many of the teenagers have been sexually assaulted, and women have been assigned or sold to ‘IS’ fighters.”

Early this month, IS militants captured the Yezidi town of Shingal and surrounding regions, capturing hundreds of young women and sending villagers fleeing to an arid mountain where they fought for more than a week for survival.

The suffering of the Yezidis was cited as US President Barack Obama as one of the motives for starting air strikes against the IS.

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the struggle of being a salty niall girl is that you don’t generally have one otp because you will literally take anything you can get


Mr n MRS HORAN matching and looking dapper together








yeah it’s gross but can we not use language that conflates taking a picture of a sleeping stranger with rape and sexual assault???????? can we… not that’s so trivializing


insert google screencap of the definition of connotation


here I did it for you

exactly????? discussion of consent re: sLEEPING PEOPLE invokes the meaning of sexual assault???? that’s… yes?????? when you’re using the word consent if you don’t add qualifiers that’s what people take the word to mean??? consent to sex? if you’re talking about pictures of a fully clothed person it’s … not… ok

throwing the word consent around not regarding sexual assault is not only going to desensitise people to the word

BUT ALSO LIKE???? I think we have bigger issues at hand like how a number of WOMEN celebrities had their PERSONAL PHOTOS LEAKED and the internet is acting like a bunch of drooling teenage boys? i’m sorry but that’s “not consenting” and not this